Boost & improve online reviews on Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor...

A smart, simple and affordable solution to improve online reviews (Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Tripadvisor reviews…) and conducting customer surveys, completely tailored to your brand.
Who is it for? For tourism and hospitality industry, restaurants, clinics and medical institutions, cities, universities, company quality departments…

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Why do you need to increase and improve your online reviews?

Improve your online reviews and significantly influence the customer’s decision to purchase a service or product.

Increase Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Tripadvisor reviews and remarkably affect your SEO and the position of a company’s website on search engines. 

Customer online reviews are an important source of information for improving the quality of services and products.

Customers greatly appreciate how the company responds to complaints.

google online reviews
customer satisfaction surveys

Get more detailed information with tailored customer satisfaction surveys

Find out what your customers were happy or dissatisfied with and use this information to further improve your business.

All data collected from surveys are stored in a cloud document available only to you.

Do you have multiple locations or departments? No problem. In the case of multiple locations or departments, multiple QR codes for each location can be created. Everything will be stored in a single document in the cloud.

How does it work?

The customer scans your branded and eye-catching QR code

An app page tailored to your needs and brand opens

The customer leaves a review or fills out a survey

The satisfied customers can leave the online review in a few seconds (from their personal accounts!) on Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor and others.

Good reviews bring more sales and traffic, are important for SEO and overall position on search engines and referral services.

Unsatisfied customers are encouraged to submit their comments and online reviews on your private channels.

It helps you to reduce damage and unwanted discussions on social networks and to get a realistic picture of the problem and increase the quality of your service.

What do you get?

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